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Piet Mondrian

bike merge copy

Original Trial Colours

Many people people have asked about how it came about. I've got my sister, Hannah, to thank for the great design. She is an artist and a talented one at that. I asked her to design something and willingly she did, in fact many different designs.

twowheeltours jersey

2011 Jersey

She asked me to stop by and have a look at what she had designed, with great anticipation I went over and ... nothing grabbed me. There were some great designs but many were similar to other logos that I have seen before or too MTB. It was only a matter of time before we moved on from just mtnbike into other areas and the logo had to be able to transcend different biking businesses.

will bike 3

Closer to the final decision on colour

Hannah had done some Mondrian work for me before and once I had seen the other logos I mentioned was there something that could be Mondrian-esq in relation to bikes. Not five minutes later there it was on paper in pencil. My brother in-law, Colin, is a CAD designer, he looked at the design and mentioned that it would not be long before he had it as a computer file.

twowheeltours col du galibier

Col du Galibier - 2011 - Haute Route

We played around with the colours and decided on using the green, this was for a few reasons. I use to teach at a school in the US named New Hampton, its primary colour was green; the other reason was green and riding go together, some say that many other colours can be assigned to riding, this is true, but there is something about green grass, rolling hills, leaves and moss (for the MTB'ers) that make a day on the bike that much better.

mtnbike trailerCustom made trailer

For these reasons I could not be happier with the logo. It is now on t-shirts, shorts, caps, jerseys, knicks, pirate caps, musettes, gillets, stickers, jackets and our trailer ... where will it end nobody knows.

twt_logo_jpg mtnbike50x2col

twt_logo 420x90