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Above are some photos sliced into a clip from our June 2012 MTB trip to Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Italy. An amazing two weeks in single track heaven. More info click here.

Fully Cater Tours available in Europe during June, July and August of each year.


Our trip was great, thanks to you! ... Great service. The variety of rides - single track, trails, ups and downs, amazing bridges, castles, churches and natural scenery ... Will, your photos and cooking were certainly an added bonus. We have never had so many quality holiday snaps; especially of us on the bikes, the odd cow and even a [Fiat] Panda or two!

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Helen (June 2012) Private MTB EU Tour - Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Italy




Above are some photos sliced into a clip from our June 2012 Road and Non Rider trip to Tuscany and Umbria in Italy. An amazing 10 days of riding, eating and emersing ourselves in Italian culture. 

 Fully Cater Tours available in Europe during June, July and August of each year.


Ever want to get away, do some riding and not have to worry about organising everything? Let twowheeltours take you and your mates away on an adventure that can span a weekend or an entire week. We will come collect you from a central location and take you away on an adventure.

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Here are some of our bespoke (no pun) itineraries:


Suggested 5-6 days

Umbria and Tuscany


Suggested 5-6 days

San Sebastian and Pamplona


Suggested 5-6 days

Pyrenees Hills and Valleys


Suggested 5-6 days

Swiss Alps and Lakes

New South Wales Australia

Suggested 5-6 days

Sydney for Sun and Surf

Queensland Australia

Suggested 5-6 days

Cairns and Port Douglas


We also offer inbound cycling trips for travellers coming to Sydney. If you're headed to Sydney and need a bike, a ride guide, a day trip, a weekend away or an entire week away we can put a trip together. Fully catered to meet all your needs and we can look after those who don't ride as well. 


Costing will vary depending on accommodation and other factors. Enquire Now to request more information.


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How we differ from other bike travel companies was mentioned on the front page. Then again there is more than just that, we aim please by offering travellers that feeling amazing feeling. Where you do not have to worry, someone has taken care of all the little hassles so you can enjoy a holiday. Before you even step on the plane we have thoroughly researched the destination and made sure things are ready for your arrival.


Once you arrive you will be in the capable hands of our staff. We will be with to handle those tedious details. Transport, entertainment, sightseeing, meals and hotel plans will already be covered. Riding, hiking/adventures, meals and accommodation are the things we pride ourselves on, we make sure that  this are all taken care of for you to have a first class experience.

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