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2020 Event

Ten Day Fully Catered Tour including entry into L'Étape Australia

Starting and Concluding in Sydney:

Saturday 21 November to Monday 30 November 2020


Seven Day Fully Catered Tour including entry into L'Étape Australia

Starting and Concluding in Sydney:

Tuesday 24 November to Monday 30 November 2020


L'Étape Australia Event Date:

Saturday 28 November 2020 - Kiama 


Estimated ride distances and elevation when on tour: 


  • Total kilometres ~650km - including The Race Km's 
    • Total ascent ~10,600m - including The Race Elevation


In 2020 We Will Have Very Limited Number of Exclusive Places On Our Fully Catered Tour


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twowheeltours is offering an exclusive, 10 day fully catered tour which includes riding some of Australia's best roads and entry into the famous L'Étape Australia with VIP Access during the event. This Access includes a meet and greet with a current Pro-Tour rider. In 2019 it was Esteban Chaves and Amanda Spratt / 2018 Matt Hayman / 2017 Chris Froome.


L’Étape Australia by Tour de France is the only official TdF event in Australia and the biggest one outside Europe.


2020 will see the 5th edition of L'Étape Australia and it will be held for the first time on the South Coast of NSW in Kiama. L'Étape promises to delivers two routes:


The Race will be as tough as a mountainous stage of the Tour de France, under full Tour de France Professional conditions and runs on fully closed roads. 


The Ride is a shorter version of The Race. This event is for those who wish to immerse themselves in the atmosphere and experience of L’Étape without the added pressure of the final climb yet still a significant challenge.


Our tour will start and conclude in beautiful Sydney Australia, our riders can expect a few days in the Harbour City, staying in top class accomodation and will be

supported on various iconic rides through National Parks. Rides will include Bondi Beach, West Head, Palm Beach, Akuna Bay and Bobbin Head.


We will then head to Bowral in the Southern Highlands for two nights for some more spectacular rides before arriving in Kiama for registration and the event.  


More details on L'Étape Australia will be release as soon. 


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More about the tour:

  • The tour will start and finish in Sydney
  • VIP Access at the event including meet and greet a current Pro-Tour rider. In 2019 it was Esteban Chaves and Amanda Spratt / 2018 Matt Hayman / 2017 Chris Froome
  • L'Étape Australia is a One Day Event being held in Kiama NSW on Saturday 28 November 2020
  • twowheeltours will offer a Ten & Seven Day Tour in combination with the event 
  • For those on the 10 day tour - riders will spend 5 nights in Sydney, 2 nights in Bowral and 2 nights in Kiama
  • For those on the 7 day tour - riders will spend 2 nights in Sydney, 2 nights in Bowral and 2 nights in Kiama
  • We will provide all land transfers for you and your bike to and from Sydney/Sydney Airport
  • Car and staff support on each ride
  • twowheeltours staff at L'Étape Australia Rest Stops
  • Private masseur and mechanic
  • Bag logistics 
  • Extra days can be organised - contact us for more information

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L'Étape Australia Details 2020

2020 Itinerary 

Day 1 - Ten Day Tour Begins  

Riders arrive into Sydney - welcome and afternoon ride

Expect ~30km with 300m ascent

Dinner and accommodation in Sydney


Day 2 - Ride through the National Park north of Sydney

Expect ~120km with 1,800m ascent

Dinner and accommodation in Sydney


Day 3 - Ride through another National Park just outside of Sydney

Expect ~110km with 2,200m ascent

Afternoon to explore Sydney and time on the Harbour

Dinner and accommodation in Sydney


Day 4Seven Day Tour Riders Arrive

Morning to relax - massages on offer

Afternoon recovery ride

Expect ~40km with 800m ascent

Dinner and accommodation in Sydney


Day 5 -   Morning Ride in Sydney

Expect ~70km with 1,000m ascent

Afternoon transfer down to the Southern Highlands

Dinner and accommodation in Bowral


Day 6 -  Ride through the beautiful Southern Highlands

Expect ~100km with 1,200m ascent

Dinner and accommodation in Bowral


Day 7 - L'Étape Australia Registration Day in Kiama 

Ride from the Southern Higlands to Kiama

Expect ~70km with 900m ascent

VIP Access which includes meet and greet a current Pro-Tour rider, in 2019 it was Esteban Chaves and Amanda Spratt / 2018 Matt Hayman / 2017 Chris Froome

Dinner and accommodation in Kiama


Day 8 - L'Étape Australia Event

Two courses on offer

The Ride

The Race

VIP Post ride experience

Event details to be released soon

Dinner and accommodation in Kiama


Day 9 - Relaxed Morning and then transfer back to Sydney

Dinner and accommodation in Sydney


Day 10 - Riders depart from Sydney


For the Full Itineray - please email us


Highlights for the riders

  • Eight days of fully guided and supported riding 
  • 30 > 180k days on offer 
  • Opportunity for rest days
  • During the event there will be twowheeltours staff at the designated Rest Stops
  • Amazing food
  • Mechanic and masseur on staff
  • City and cultural tours
  • VIP Access at L'Étape


Included on tour

  • Transfers to and from Sydney Airport
  • 9 nights and 10 days on tour OR 6 nights and 7 days on tour
  • All breakfasts, lunches and dinners 
  • L'Étape Event Entry & VIP Access
  • Laundry
  • Accommodation in top level hotels in Sydney and Bowral
  • Accommodation in Kiama for the event
  • Our own dedicated massaeur and mechanic
  • Support vehicle includes tools, pumps, cooler with drinks plus fruit and snacks
7 & 10 Day Package and Price for L'Étape Australia


10 day tour

$6,995 AUD single supplement

Include L'Étape Australia Entry & VIP Access for the event

$2,500 AUD to confirm your place

Final payment due 20 July 


7 day tour

$4,995 AUD single supplement

Include L'Étape Australia Entry & VIP Access for the event

$2,000 AUD to confirm your place

Final payment due 20 July


10 day Non Rider

$3,895 AUD - having your own guide, car and daily activities


7 day Non Rider

$2,850 AUD - having your own guide, car and daily activities


twowheeltours covers all your land based expenses including land transfers, accommodation and all meals. We will have our own mechanic and masseur to ensure you have the best possible experience during the tour and event.


If you have any more questions OR if you would like the twin share price, please email info@twowheeltours.com.au

L'Étape Australia Accommodation

Riders will still stay in fantastic hotels along the way


With the tour starting and finishing in Sydney - those who are on the 10 day tour will have five nights in Sydney


Riders will then head to the beautiful Southern Highlands and spend two nights in Bowral


For L'Étape Australia, riders will be staying in Kiama Shores, just a stones throw from the stage start. We will arrive on the Friday, the day before L'Étape Australia for registration


After the event we will come back to Sydney for one last night before our tour finishes on Monday 30 November 2020


Kiama Shores

Kiama Shores Motel Room



L'Étape Australia FAQ

What staffing does twowheeltours provide?

We take pride in making sure all our riders need to do is focus on the event. We have our own masseur, mechanic, bag logistic manager and tour manager. 


Why do the event?

It povides riders the chance to race or just enjoy L'Étape Australia.


L'Étape Australia offers riders the chance to experience the equivalent of an actual Tour de France mountains race day. The difference is that riders will be riding/racing  on the spectactular South Coast of New South Wales.  During L'Étape Australia, riders will enjoy not only the landscapes and the challenging roads, but the camaraderie that goes along with events like these.


Why Kiama?

This sleepy little town, right on the NSW South Coast is a fantastic costal retreat. Kiama is just two hours drive from Sydney and is famous for many things including their Blowhole and Lighthouse. Once away from Kiama riders will be pushing themselves up some tough climbs up the escarpment towards the Southern Highlands.  


Why offer a 10 day tour in combination with a 1 day race?

Sydney is a magical place. This is the home of twowheeltours and we cannot be more exicted to show off some of the fantastic riding which it has on offer. National Parks are close to the city, plus having time to explore the Harbour and dine in some fantastic restaurants will make for a very memorable tour.  Riders will also head to the fantastic Southern Highlands, 1.5 hours drive from Sydney, to get some more riding in before the event, there riders will have two nights accomodation. 


Why offer a 7 day tour in combination with a 1 day race?

For those riders who do not have as much time to spare. They will still get a chance to explore some of Sydney before the event and recieve the twowheeltours service during the event. These riders will have a total of two nights in Sydney. They will also have two nights in the Southern Highlands plus the two nights in Kiama. 


What will your day's before and during L'Étape Australia will look like?

  • Wake up between 0630 and 0700 
  • Breakfast between 0700 and 0845. All breakfasts are included
  • 0900 - Morning rides departing from our hotel
  • Each day's ride will vary. While in Sydney riders will venture out of the city and into many of the National Parks which surround magical Sydney. In the Highlands riders will experience some more fantastic scenery plus have the chance to ride some of the course from L'Étape Australia
  • For those on the 10 day tour, they will also spend half a day exploring the city, off the bike. We will spend time on the harbour and learn about the history of the Sydney and Australia
  • Riders will also have afternoon to explore on their own or put their feet and up relax
  • Massages available each afternoon
  • Bikes looked at each afternoon by our dedicated mechanic 
  • Dinner with twowheeltours usually from 1900
  • We will transfer, via van and purpose made bike trailer down to the Southern Highlands on the Wednesday afternoon
  • Riders will then transfer by bike, ~90km down to Kiama on the Southern Coast on the Friday, the day before the event, giving our riders a chance to register that afternoon
  • On the event day - early breakfast 
  • On the event day - riders will drop their mussette(s) with the twowheeltours staff, you will see those bags again on course/at the stage finish, they will be with the twowheeltours ON COURSE vehicles. In those bags you can put nutrition, extra clothing and/or leave clothing at the rest stops. For your finish bag you can pack comfortable shoes, towel, t-shirt or jacket and any other clothes
  • On the event day - there are two different stages start times - The Race 0630 and The Ride at 0830
  • On the event day - at the end of the stage you will find a twowheeltours staff member to welcome you. You can get a cold drink, offer you something to eat and pass along your mussette 
  • Stage finish between 1130 and 1700 


Extras you will receive

  • L'Étape Australia cycling jersey
  • Marshals along the route 
  • Motorcycle escorts
  • Presence of security vehicles to escort the peloton (including a sag wagon/bus)
  • Medical team who are also on the road during the event and at each finish village
  • Mechanical support during the race and at the villages
  • Timing for the event 
  • For your bike and for identification you will receive a personalised number 
  • Rest stops along the route with food, drinks and energy products
  • Overall rankings 
  • A medal for each finisher 


What is the weather like:

Avg Temps : for the time we are in Sydney 16 > 23C // Bowral 10 > 21C // Kiama 16 > 24C


What other support over and above that provided by L'Étape Australia organisation does twowheeltours offer?

We are a Fully Catered tour, we provide you with all land based transfers from Sydney airport or your hotel in Sydney to our hotel. We have our own masseur, mechanic, bag logistic manager and tour manager as part of the tour.


If you are doing the 10 day tour, you will spend four nights pre L'Étape Australia and one night post event in top level accommodation in Sydney 


If you are doing the 7 day tour, you will spend one night pre L'Étape Australia and one night post event in top level accommodation in Sydney


Both 10 & 7 day riders will spend two nights in Bowral in great accomodation and for L'Étape Australia riders will be staying in Kiama just a stones throw from the event centre


Plus all meals, drinks including alcohol, bag logistics, staff on course and also at the finish line of L'Étape Australia, laundry, non-rider partner program with their own guide and daily activities, cooler and baskets stocked with extra food and beverages post race and personalised attention. 


You will also see twowheeltours staff on course during each stage. The morning of L'Étape Australia riders will drop their mussettes / feed station bags at our hotel's reception which will be taken to the designated rest stops. Riders receive a musette (back pack) from twowheeltours to be on course. In this riders can put clothes / food / bottles etc. twowheeltours staff members will be at two of the Rest Stops on course. 


*Bring an 8G thumb drive and receive the photos for nothing at the end of the trip.  


How hard is L'Étape Australia?

Full details are still to be released. We know that there will once again be The Race - the full course - and The Ride - modified course


Is it a ride or a race?

The very front of the event will go hard while most other riders are there to complete L'Étape Australia and do so at their own leisure. This is not an event for people who want to ride 50km in a day, riders need to have done some big training days and it will also help if riders have done some group riders, so that you can work together to assist in getting through each day. 


I think I need a training program?

Each rider is different. A training program certainly helps, especially when talking to a coach who has a wealth of experience and who has completed many cyclo-sportives.


We like to encourage riders that the fitter they are, the more fun they will have. 


We have a range of coaches who we highly recommend. For further details on training programs, costs etc - CLICK HERE


You're an Australian tour company, do you have riders on your tours who are not from Australia?

We have clients on our tours from all over the world, Russia, Australia, NZ, UK, USA, Canada, Japan, South Africa, Brazil, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Czech Republic and Spain. Each year many of our riders return to do tours with twowheeltours, which is a great honour. 



All prices listed are single supplement. For dual occupancy, other than your husband/wife/partner, please email us on info@twowheeltours.com.au


Wifi - Internet Access

Our hotels all have internet, the majority have it in rooms but once in a while you may need to access it from the lobby. We have never had problems getting on line with multiple devices for the one person - so using your mobile, laptop etc is okay.


What about transporting my bike to the event?

Packing your bike with care and in a specific case. This is the safest way to get your bike to the start of the event in one piece. LINK


I have never boxed my bike before, how do I pack my bike? 

Drop into your favourite Local Bike Store (LBS) and ask them to assist you. You could ask them to do it first then build it up, then you have a go - all for a price. Or you can become a profession via youtube - LINK.


Which bike box should I use?

How long is a piece of string, there are SO many out on the market it is amazing, each year there seems to be something new and improved. We have used the EVOC Bike Travel Bag since 2012 - the same exact one! They have now updated to the PRO. We have used the EVOC Travel Bag countless of times for our MTB and road tours. It has NEVER had any issues, NEVER had any damages and it is easy to use. To make life a bit easier, we use the following two 'additions' - CHAIN COVER & ROAD BIKE ADAPTOR. It may take a little longer to use this bike box but once you are back at home, the bag compacts down. When boxing the bike, we would highly recommend removing the derailleur from the derailleur-tip, it takes a few extra seconds - youtube clip - but it is always better to be safe than sorry. This is a clip is by 'Computer' a Sydney mechanic, excuse his hair and finger nails, he really is a good guy! Other options are : Polaris do some very good models - LINK or Scicon Bags - LINK or there is the Helium one which gets great reviews - LINK OR go to your LBS and get a cardboard box.


Where can I build my bike?

We will have a designated area at the start and finish of the tour which can be used to build your bike. Our mechanic will be there to assist. With a rather substantial amount of cyclists on our tour we highly recommend and encourage that you the cyclist be able build and break down your bike.


Help will be there if necessary

To assist you in building your bike there will be a Toolcase which includes all the major tools. There is also a bike stand, track pumps, torque wrench, grease, chain lube, rags, plastic gloves and hand wipes.


Have you ever had troubles transporting your bike on airlines?

In many years of traveling with a bike, there has never been any issues with boxing and flying with our bikes. Note, some airlines do charge for excess baggage while others do not. We do not know the policy on each carrier but we know that United, American Airlines and Lufthansa charge for bike boxes whereas Virgin Atlantic does not so long as it is under 23kg / 50 lbs & 62” / 158cm total linear cm. Qatar / Qantas allow you to bring your bike as long as it is within your 30kg limit. Please make sure you weigh your bike before you get to the airport and it is also highly recommended that you check prices and the fine print for excess luggage (ie bike bags / sporting equipment) with whoever you are flying with. Please do this before you get to the airport.


What time does the ride start each day?

The pre-event rides in Sydney and the Southern Highlands will depart  0900


During the L'Étape Australia The Race will start at 0630 and The Ride will start at 0830


What time we will finish our rides each day?

Each days route alters and we assume that we will be back anywhere from 10:00am through to 3:00pm.


Is there a minimum speed average?

We will be able to split our pre event rides into two groups if necessary. We strongly suggest that riders who are joining us have done some serious training before arriving in Sydney 


What is there to do at the end of the days rides?

Relax, put your feet up, shower, eat then eat some more, talk to other riders, take a nap, rehydrate, grab a massage then eat and drink some more.


On one day we will have a tour of Sydney and on the other afternoons you are at your own leisure until dinner time. 


Tools and other equipment

twowheeltours will have a full tool kit for your use on the tour as per listed above including track pumps - also our mechanic is there is assist with any other needs.


What should I bring?

It is highly recommended that riders bring tubes, mini tool, brake pads (especially for those using disc brakes!) levers etc which you would normally take on a long ride - recommended packing list.


Pre event, for each ride we will be supported by one of our vehicles. They will have tools, pumps, food, water, sun cream and your musettes with whatever you may need.


During the L'Étape Australia riders will need to be somewhat self sufficient. The event has roaming mechanics and they will be able to assist where needed but will not change tubes for you. It is also recommend that riders bring specific spokes and derailleur tip/hanger - you will be reminded of this during the booking phase. 


Bike servicing and washing

All riders, should have their bikes FULLY serviced including, bottom bracket wear/tear, rims checked, new tires, inner tubes, brakes and cables. After each ride our mechanic is there to help. If you so wish, you will be able to use our tools for any of your needs. There is NO charge for our mechanical work.


Bike washing

Bikes do not need to be washed each day - they will be wiped down. 



It is highly recommended to have a compact crank. Some riders prefer standard cranks, it is up to the rider. About what to run in the rear, ask yourself this question, do you spend much of your time riding in the granny around home? L'Étape Australia is an event to challenge riders. The highest point during the tour will be ~814m above sea-level. The majority of our clients have a compact at the front and 11-28, this is fast changing to where a lot of our riders are arriving with a 32 on the rear. 


Insurance + cycling licence

You MUST organise your own travel insurance. You MUST make sure all aspects, medical, flights, cycling race etc. are covered.


For Australians, twowheeltours can recommend www.velosure.com.au - they are aware of our insurance needs. Each policy will differ due to a variety of circumstances, ie age and dates travelled etc. They are happy to assist in giving an obligation free quote. Please head to their website for more information. 


Do I need a Cycling Licence to particpate in L'Étape Australia?



Diet - Food on Trip

Travelling away from home is always an adventure. On tour we will experience some amazing food and it will be one of the highlights of the tour. 


As this is a Fully Catered tour we supply you with all meals.  


If you have eating requirements/needs please let us know when you book in the comments section and we will endeavour to meet your needs.


Sports Nutrition

Everyone has their favourites nutrition companies. Please bring along what you are happy with. You can purchase many of the usual supplements in Sydney at the large bike shops but it is easier to bring what you are comfortable with.


Want more information about Specific Sports Nutrition for the L'Étape Australia - Chloe McLeod is a Sports Dietitian who we used to help guide our clients to smarter eating for such events - more information click here


Food at rest stops

During L'Étape Australia there are a number of Rest Stops and these have: Fresh fruit; Cereal bar; Water; Hydration powder; Energy bars and Energy gels. 


Bringing my own nutrition, any issues with quarantine?

In regards to bringing your own powders and large tubs of powders, we have had clients bring their own from home and they have never had an issue. Most put powder into a zip lock bag, leaving the big tub at home. We would not recommend for you to bring copious amounts of gels/powders etc as there may be an issue. If travel/transit/arrival forms require, please declare what you have in your bag. Lastly, please pack it in your checked luggage. 


Medical assistance during L'Étape Australia

Riders’ safety is the N°1 priority of the organisers of the L'Étape Australia. Each year they entrust medical support to a team of professionals who are experienced with large endurance participation events (cyclosportives, running, trail running, adventure raids...).


The medical service on the L'Étape Australia will be provided by a team emergency technicians and ambulances. For medical reasons, a participant can temporarily or permanently be withdrawn from the event. A medical emergency number will be put in place so that each participant can easily, in case of a medical problem, let the Event Organisation know.


How safe is the L'Étape Australia?

The route is closed to vehicles. Please remember, you are ultimately responsible for your own safety whilst on your bike. 


An “end of race” vehicle will close the event. All riders must respect the traffic laws:


  • To cycle on the left hand side of the road, at ALL times
  • To respect the road signs put in place by the organisation
  • To respect traffic lights
  • To respect other road users who are not involved in the event
  • To wear your helmet at all times
  • To display your L'Étape Australia race number at all times


How fast is each stage, what level of cyclist do I need to be to complete the L'Étape Australia?

There is no doubt about it, the fitter you are the more fun you will have. Please note that before the event we will be doing some longer rider in Sydney, we are not planning on these rides to be a drop-at-all-costs or at race pace but we plan on seeing some of the beautiful sites and amazing roads which Sydney has to offer. These rides will generally be over 100km and have +1,500m of ascent.


During L'Étape Australia, if you continue to cycle for the entire event you will have a very good chance of completing the event in a decent time. The event organisers want people to finish and allowance is made for this to happen. 


Clothing and washing

It is recommended that riders bring at least 3 sets of cycling clothing. twowheeltours gives you a wash/laundry bag [WB] at the start of the tour. We will wash your kits twice during the tour. We will not put the WB in the dryer. On wash days there is a collection bag left near reception. Riders get their WB back before dinner.


Other info on what to bring can be found here. Unfortunately we cannot wash all your day to day clothes. 


Is there gear that I HAVE to wear?

You can cycle in whatever gear you would like. It is not mandatory to cycle in the L'Étape Australia kit.



For our dinners and functions - there is no dress code. Even at our welcome dinner and farewell dinner there is no specific dress code, jeans, t-shirt and sneakers are more than suitable. There is only so much you can pack.

I've booked my ticket via twowheeltours, what next?

You main focus once you have booked with us is training and booking your flights. You will be required to complete some twowheeltours paper work which you will be emailed closer to the start of the event.


Paper work

We require you to sign a waiver from twowheeltours.


Location of Hotels

How close is the accommodation to the start/finish? Our riders will be staying in Kiama, just a stones throw from the start/finish location of L'Étape Australia. 


Non-riding partners

For non-riding partners - what activities are planned? We take pride in offering those partners who do not ride the opportunity to have an enjoyable time, not just sit in the van and watch/wait for the riders. When your partner signs up we like to find out what he/she enjoys to do, whether that be hiking, visiting villages, cooking classes and/or markets and provide them with a variety of activities during the tour. Non-riding partners will catch up in the evenings with the riders. We all dine together and you will spend the night together.



Upon booking a deposit is required, all details of payments will be outlined on your invoice.


How do I make the remaining payments?

Via direct deposit, all details of payments will be outlined on your invoice.


What tires should I bring?

Please leave tubular tires at home. 


For those bringing disc brakes, please make sure that you bring at least 2 sets, 4 pads in total, of brand new brake pads. 

Advice for first time Multi-Day Events

We have been lucky enough to have been involved with events such as the Haute Route (since 2011) and the Ride Across Portugal (since 2017) - both of their inception years. Since then, we have had hundreds of riders from +20 countries join us on cyclo-sportive tours.  


Some of the most important factors to remember:


These events are not new. They are new to you. Haute Route started in 2011 and Ride Across Portugal in 2017. Hundreds of riders have completed these events before and we look forward to welcoming you to these huge families.


The stages are not ALL about climbs, remember what goes up must come down and there are all those rolling hills and flat areas where teamwork is an advantage! Make sure you have done some bunch riding before you come to any cyclo-sportive. 


At the end of each tour, we ask our clients for advice for those who are attempting a multi-day cycling event:


Use a Tour Operator, twowheeltours.

Paolo - Italy 


Embrace the experience! Rain, punctures, cramp, bone-chilling cold, transfers - they are all part of what makes the Haute Route such a challenge. And talk to your fellow riders - everyone has a story to tell.

Adrian - Australia


Have the utmost confidence in the professionalism of twoweeltours and Will's staff.

Sergio - Italy


Preparation. Most important is consistent training. Focus on getting the body to recover from a long day and be ready for the next.

Grant - Australia


Preparation and attention to detail. Put in the kms of training. This is not something that can be finished without true training preparation in the legs. Also, invest in a really good "butt butter" type product that works for you and figure out how to minimize saddle sore discomfort.

Paul - USA


Buy a Castelli Gabba!! [Prepare for all weather conditions]

Mark - Australia


Train - simulate actual event.

Stan - USA


Train a lot. Prepare for all weather conditions. Eat a lot on the bike. Take in the scenery.

Dave - Australia


Train, train and train to be able to enjoy the HR and not suffer every day.

Mike - Netherlands


Install a climbing cassette before you leave.

Stephen - Australia


Haute Route is a long event - bad days could be followed by good days...so take it easy the first two days and always pay attention to good nutrition.

Stefan - Brazil


Train for a solid three months including a significant amount of hill climbing. You must have a high dgree of fitness otherwise you are wasting your time. Also put on a 32 cassette. 

Noel - Australia


Don't allow the physical and psychological challenge of the HR to get in the way of enjoying the wonders associated with riding a bike through some of the most beautiful natural scenery one can find anywhere.

Paul - Switzerland


Arrive fit with experience of 10km climbs.

Geoff - Australia


Train, train and then train more. If your goal is too complete a seven day event, make sure you pace yourself on the first few days and then if you feel good you can increase your effort on the later stages. If your goal is to position as high as possible I now know that you need to push yourself hard from day 1! But no matter what your goal is just try and take it all in and enjoy the moment. 

Will - UK


Trust Will’s advice and descend within your abilities.

Bruce - Australia


Do the necessary hill training and endurance work. Use hill repeats if no long hills available.

Aidan - Ireland


Train, Prepare mentally, get use to eating a lot of food with heavy training. Learn the in’s and out’s of your bike, you will pick up early if something isn’t right.

Mitch - Australia


Don't pack too much cycling gear, there are wash days.

Graham - Australia


Train well..get a a couple of back to back days in ideally in mountain terrain.

Kieran - Ireland


Train hard. Seek advice from others. Understand you will be grinding / spinning up a slope for what main be two or more hours. Hopefully you are confident with that.

David - Australia


Keep riding, let Will tell you stories, use his energy, if everyone else is doing it you can too (in terms of fitness), relax and have fun. For Ride Across Portugal, it’s not a race it’s a ride, you literally have nothing else to do all day other than ride your bike.

Kristin - USA


It's worth getting fit for the trip rather than hoping you'll ride into it. If you're fitter and therefore don't struggle as much on the climbs you can enjoy the scenery.

Adrian - Australia


It's a 7 day race. Pace the 7 stages, save something for the end of each day and the last couple of days. For a HR 3 day event, it is lot different from HR 7 day. 3 day with add-on tourism package means you can really enjoy it. I guess only advice would be to train right ahead of time. Make sure you are ready for climbing.

Brent - USA


I want to say do it with an organised group like twowheeltours but in hindsight, I appreciate that my first HR was done with friends only, doing all the extra bits myself. It made me really appreciate the luxury of Will & crew and how much easier it made the stages. So my real advice to a first timer is to ask advice, from people that you know that have done it before. Even regarding travel and best routes etc. Understand all the logistically elements before you arrive, so that you can have fun in the race and don't have to sweat the small stuff either side of the stages. It makes the whole event more relaxed and enjoyable

Jocelyn - Australia


Find an experienced coach and ask him to make a training plan for Haute Route. If the coach has done a Haute Route or done stage racing that would be better. Spend time on training as much as you can so that you will not regret. You need to do some 6+ hour days as part of your training.
Don't care about other riders who pass you. 
Keep your pace - the Haute Route is long.
Never work too hard especially on the first day.
Don't think about the upcoming passes and stages which remain, just concentrate on the climb or descend you are facing.

Kenji - Japan


Pace yourself - don't go full gas on day 1 or at the start of any stage unless you are an experienced stage racer.

David - Australia


Get a good training program that focuses on hill climbing and endurance - do the prep and you will enjoy it.

Michelle - Australia


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