Infinity Pass

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What is an Infinity Pass?


Launched for the first time for the 2019 season, the Haute Route introduced a world first in amateur endurance events, the Infinity Pass.

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Thanks to the Infinity Pass, cycling enthusiasts from across the globe can take part in an unlimited number of Haute Route events for one fixed fee for one entire year.


The Infinity Pass provides unrestricted access to all the 7-day and 3-day Haute Route events across the world.


In 2020, there are 9 events in 7 countries across 3 continents. 


twowheeltours has a limited amount of HR Infinity Tickets Available for our riders. 


In 2020 twowheeltours will be attending most of the Haute Route Events on offer, these include:


Oman / Dolomites / Crans Montana / Alps / Pyrenees / Ventoux


If riders participate in another HR event, which TWT is attending, this will reduce riders payment subject to that particular tour. 


Riders can purchase their own Infinity Passes directly from the Haute Route. This is not a problem. Riders are still able to join us on tour and it will reduce the total amount on riders statements.



There are also other VERY limited Passes available in 2020


7D + 7D

Completing this combination is an accomplishment worthy of lifelong bragging rights, and a logistical challenge that’s nearly impossible without professional support. Over two challenging and rewarding weeks of point-to-point stages, you’ll ride nearly 1600 kilometers (1000 miles) and climb 40,000m (130,000 feet) across two of the great European mountain ranges. Discover mountain passes made famous by cycling’s greatest legends, as well as hidden gems too narrow or remote for the Grand Tours.


3D + 7D

Create the season of your dreams. Explore new destinations and use one event to prepare for the other. We strongly recommend a spring or early summer 3-Day event for riders preparing for their first 7-Day Haute Route.


3D + 3D

Perfect for cyclists who are short on time and value the hassle-free convenience of letting Haute Route handle the details. Choose from events worldwide and simply fly or drive in for two long weekends of professionally supported cycling in iconic destinations. Love this bundle? You can buy it more than once, but to qualify for Haute 3+3 pricing, events must be purchased in pairs.


Compact + 3D

Discover the Haute Route experience with the Compact, then take the challenge to the next level with more kilometers and climbing at another 3-Day in the same season.


Compact + Compact

Start your Haute Route journey with 3-day events that feature fewer kilometers and less climbing. Ride two compact events in one year and be part of the Haute Route family


Please note that this passes are very limited and are ONLY on offer from 15 September until 30 October. Once these dates pass the prices will alter for all tours.


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