Tour Tasmania Feb '22

with Beardy McBeard 

Wednesday 23 > Sunday 27 February 2022

Five Day Road Tour : Hobart Tasmania

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Photo - Marcus Enno (beardymcbeard)

Come along, get away, ride your bike and support local businesses


Bookings Close 15 January 2022



Refunds or Transfers are given for any cancellations due to COVID-19.

Once you book for any tour, an invoice will be sent to you outlining dates and further information.


We ask you to book ASAP so that we can continue to plan.


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Join twowheeltours & Beardy McBeard 

for Five Days in glorious Tasmania

beardymcbeard Tassie 12.04.20 Photo - Marcus Enno (beardymcbeard) 




  • The chance to explore the best roads, including some gravel sections* around beautiful Hobart 

  • Rides will vary from ~30km on the first afternoon to +140km and 2,000m ascent
  • Ride with Beardy McBeard
  • There will be two groups heading out each day, a faster and slower group
  • Ride with locals who will show you their secret loops
  • All rides depart from the Hobart waterfront so you will spend four nights on tour in the same bed
  • Guides, mechanics and support vehicle will be available on all rides

  • Mechanics and tools available for help with bike set up / break down if necessary
  • Airport transfers for you and your bike offered on tour days

  • Ride as much as you want and have the option for day a off to exlore Hobart
  • Each day you will have access to a bag drop for all rides. In the morning, drop your bag (musette) at the designated start location, access it during the ride and then collect at the end of the day's ride
  • All breakfasts, three top level dinners and one lunch included in the tour price
  • First round of drinks at each dinner
  • Support local businesses
  • Come with your mates or meet some new riders
  • Two levels of accommodation to suit different budgets - The Grand Chancellor OR The Old Woolstore
  • See the FAQ tab below for full details 


* the gravel roads can be ridden on standard road bikes, we suggest at least 25mm tires


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PEARL iZUMi Hold 2Photo - Marcus Enno (beardymcbeard)

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Photo - Marcus Enno (beardymcbeard)

Itinerary : Tour Tasmania Feb '22

2022 Itinerary 

Day 1 - Wednesday : 2:00pm tour officially starts : Transfers from Hobart Airport (HBA) throughout the morning and very early afternoon: Build bikes and ~30 km flat ride in afternoon, depature ~3:30/4:00pm : Dinner supplied by twowheeltours : Accomodation in Hobart

Day 2 - Thursday : ~130km ride : Head out East of Hobart : Wine and cheese tasting followed by dinner in Hobart supplied by twowheeltours


Day 3 - Friday : ~120km day ride : Head out North of Hobart : Stop for lunch during ride : Dinner on your own


Day 4 -Saturday : ~120km day ride OPTION 160km : Head out South of Hobart : Afternoon at own leisure suggest Salamanca Markets 8:00am > 3:00pm : Dinner supplied by twowheeltours


Day 5 - Sunday : ~50km : Mt Wellington Loop : Back at hotel by ~10:30am to shower and then box bikes : Transfers to Hobart Airport throughout the afternoon


Riders will receive the Full Itineray once they book - please email us


* At own cost

Itinerary subject to change

5 Day Package and Price : Tour Tasmania


Grand Chancellor Hotel Hobart

$2,550 twin share

+ $300 single supplement


The Old Woolstore Apartment Hotel

$2,095 twin share

+ $255 single supplement


See FAQ Tab for Inclusions and more details


Accommodation : Tour Tasmania



We are offering two levels of accomodation to suit peoples needs.  


1) Grand Chancellor Hotel Hobart

Luxury Harbour View Room

Grand Chancellor Hotels

1 Davey St
Hobart TAS 7000


Grand Chancellor Outside Hobart


Grand Chancellor Inside Hobart



2) The Old Woolstore Apartment Hotel

Hotel Room

Old Woolstore

1 Macquarie St
Hobart TAS 7000


Woolstore Outside Hobart


Woolstore Inside Hobart

FAQ : Tour Tasmania Feb '22


What does twowheeltours cover?

All land based transfers to/from Hobart Airport (HBA) on tour days plus accommodation and the following meals : all breakfasts from Thursday to Sunday : Friday Lunch : All dinners and first round of drinks except Friday night.


We will have ride guides, mechanics - including pumps, tools etc and support vehicle during the tour. 


Riders will also have access to sun cream, specific ride hydration and nutrition. 


What is not included in the tour price?



Hire bike


Café stops

In-room charges

One dinner and all lunches except Friday


What are the suggested flights to/from Sydney? 

To Hobart

Jetstar JQ721

Wednesday 23 February 2022 Sydney > Hobart  

Dept Sydney 10:55am 

Arrive Hobart 12:50pm


TO Sydney

Jetstar JQ720

Sunday 27 February 2022 Hobart > Sydney

Dept Hobart 1:30pm

Arrive Sydney 3:20pm


You are to book your own flights.


What are the suggested flights to/from other cities? 

There are many options but if you can aim to arrive into Hobart before 2:00pm that would be best.


Again, there are many options but if you can aim to depart from Hobart after 1:30pm, that way you can join us for the ride on the Sunday morning.


You are to book your own flights.



We continue to assess the Global COVID-19 Crisis. We remain positive and we will continue to monitor the situation.


We will keep all our riders who have booked with us up to date with regular updates.


This situation is completely new and unknown, so if:


If we have to postpone the 2022 tour, your paid money will be refunded in full.


We will also give you priority for our tour later in 2022.


If you have not registered for the tour, we ask you to book ASAP so that we know how many riders are wanting to join us and so that we can continue to plan.


What type of roads will be we be riding on and what type of a bike is suitable?

A standard road bike is suitable for this tour. Some roads are gravel, they are not classified as firetrails. The general road surface can be 'dead' so we recommend larger volume tires i.e. 25mm. 


Your crank and cassette can be standard, we do not recommend that riders alter what they have on their current bike.


Why Marcus Enno aka Beardy McBeard?

We have know Beardy for many years. He moved down to Tasmania in 2018 and has thrived in his new environment.


Beardy's Bio : There is no-one in cycling photography quite like Beardy McBeard. Part professional photographer, part yarn-spinner, part cult icon, part mountain goat. Instantly recognisable to thousands of cycling fans all over the globe - he's famous for not only his beard, but for his well-meaning run-ins with the local constabulary (as he pushes for 'that' shot), for his sing-a-longs with frenzied cycling crowds and for being a man of the people - joining his fans at roadside for a cup of vino and a hearty slice of jamon as he shares his passion for cycling with anyone who will listen. In a world of finish-line and podium shots, you'll find Beardy instead perched in highly precarious places, balancing on rock, leaning over cliffs, climbing tress, swinging off street bollards - whatever it takes to capture the passion, suffering, history and pageantry of this great sport. Shots that tell the story of the race, and the people behind it.

In his own laconic style he brings you on the journey with him, telling the story behind the photos and bringing forward the personalities and colour that make the sport the spectacle that it is.

From Tasmania to Belgium to France, Beardy has a very simple goal; he wants you to love this sport as much as he does. We hope you will enjoy the ride with him as much as we have over the years!


What is the biggest climb of the trip?

Mt Wellington
17.68km / Avg 7% / Lowest 69m / Highest 1,258m / Difference 1,189m / Category HC / KOM 46:22 / QOM 1:05:41 


What is the longest ride of the trip?

+140km with +2,000m of climbing. See the Itinerary tab for our agenda. Full details will be emailed to riders once they have booked.   


What staffing does twowheeltours provide?

We have been runnings tours since 2009 and know what riders need and expect. We will have a Tour Manager, driver and ride guide / mechanic on tour. 


Strava links & GPX Files

A month before the tour, riders will receive the web links to the rides so that they can download the GPX files. On the links, riders will be able to see the elevation gains and total km's.


What will the tour look like? 

We are not planning on getting up at 6:00am to ride as early as possible. On this tour we want you to explore, taste and drink Tasmania. 


  • Wake up between 0700 and 0730
  • Breakfast between 0700 and 0845 - all breakfasts are included
  • 0845 twowheeltours staff set up in front of Grand Chancellor Hotel Hobart
  • Drop your mussette(s) with twowheeltours staff at Grand Chancellor Hotel Hobart. You will see those bags again at designated rest stops and at the ride finish. In those bags you can put nutrition, extra clothing and/or leave clothing
  • Depart 0900
  • Our support vehicle will be roaming during each ride. In our vehicle will be First Aid, sun cream, water, fruit, your mussette(s), tools and pump
  • Cafe stop on offer on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday rides*
  • Finish rides between 1130 and 1400 
  • Lunch* on your own with the exception of Friday's lunch 
  • Meet 1800 at the designated restaurant for dinner where a nightly briefing will be held


* At own cost 


How hard is the riding going to be?

This is not a tour where we are planning on 'smashing' out each ride as fast as possible. Rides will be in bunches and we will offer a faster and slower group. The rides are not 'flat' so expect a lot of climbing on each ride. On the longer rides - Thursday, Friday and Saturday - expect +100km with +1,000m of climbing, with one day being over +2,000m.


If riders wish to have a day off or head out on their own using their own GPS device, that is more than okay. 


Full details, including Strava links, of the rides will be shared with those coming on the tour. 


What level of rider do I need to be?

This is not a tour for beginners. The loops are long and far from flat and the weather can play as massive part in each days ride. We expect that riders can ride back to back +100km days and be able to ride for 100km without needing to stop. 


We also expect that riders can ride in a bunch situation.


Is there a minimum speed average?

We will split the rides into at least two groups, a fast and slower bunch. 


Do I need a training program?

Each rider is different. A training program certainly helps, especially when talking to a coach who has a wealth of experience.


We like to encourage riders with the fact that the fitter they are, the more fun they will have. 


We have a range of coaches who we highly recommend. For further details on training programs, costs etc - CLICK HERE


I would like to spend more days in Hobart

twowheeltours is more than happy to assist with this request. Please email us on so that we can organise exactly what you would like. We are more than able to assist you if you would like to come in two nights before the tour or spend extra nights post the tour in Hobart. We can be as flexible as you need.


I would like to fewer days on tour

twowheeltours is more than happy to assist with this request. Please email us on so that we can organise exactly what you would like. If you are just able to come in for the weekend, that is not a problem.


Tools and other equipment

twowheeltours will have a full tool kit for your use on the tour.


Bike Bags from the Airport

They will be transported by twowheeltours to and from the airport or your hotel. Your bike box will be stored at your hotel in Hobart during the length of the tour.


I want to hire a bike, can twowheeltours help?

Yes, we should be able to assist. Please email is asap so that we can begin to organise your hire bike. 


How do I pack my bike? 

Drop into your favourite Local Bike Store (LBS) and ask them to assist you. You could ask them to do it first then build it up, then you have a go - all for a price. Or you can become a profession via youtube - LINK. We will be there to help you build your bike. 


Which bike box should I use?

How long is a piece of string, there are SO many out on the market it is amazing, each year there seems to be something new and improved. We have used the EVOC Bike Travel Bag for the last 4 years - they have now updated to the PRO. We have used the EVOC Travel Bag countless of times for our MTB and road tours. It has NEVER had any issues, NEVER had my bike damaged and we really like it. I also have two ‘bits’ to make life a bit easier - CHAIN COVER & ROAD BIKE ADAPTOR. It may take a little longer to use this bike but once you have done with travel the bag compacts down. When boxing the bike, we would highly recommend removing the derailleur from the derailleur-tip but that takes a few extra seconds - youtube clip - this is a clip is by 'Computer' a Sydney mechanic, excuse his hair and finger nails, he really is a good guy! Other options are : Polaris do some very good models or Scicon Bags or there is the Helium one which gets great reviews OR go to your LBS and get a cardboard box.


Where can I build my bike?

We will have a designated area at the start and finish of the tour which can be used to build your bike. We will be there to assist with the building of your bike. 


Help will be there if necessary

To assist you in building your bike there will be the required tools plus bike stand, track pumps, torque wrench, grease, chain lube, rags, plastic gloves and hand wipes.


Have you ever had trouble transporting your bike on airlines?

In many years of traveling with a bike, there have never been any issues with boxing and flying with our bikes. Note, some airlines do charge for excess baggage while others do not, it also depends on your status with your airline. We highly recommend that you weigh your bike before you get to the airport and it is also highly recommended that you check prices and the fine print for excess luggage (ie bike bags / sporting equipment) with whoever you are flying with. Please do this before you get to the airport.


What is there to do at the end of the days rides?

Relax, shower and head out to lunch* or sit in a café* and talk to other riders, take a nap, rehydrate and/or grab a massage*. There is generally a reasonable amount of time to relax before dinner.


* At own cost 


What should I bring on each ride and what should I pack?

It is highly recommended that riders bring tubes, mini tool, levers etc which you would normally take on a long ride - recommended pack list.


During the rides you will need to be somewhat self sufficient, riders will be asked to carry a tube, levers and an air cannister.


It is also recommend that riders bring specific spokes and derailleur tip/hanger - you will be reminded of this during the booking phase. There will be cables, chains and tires available and bike shops are close to the hotels.


Each rider must be prepared for colder temperatures, and not only rainy weather. Tasmania can have four seasons in a day, please make sure you pack:


Hardshell helmet

Long sleeve thermal jacket

Full finger winter gloves

Thermal overshoes

Leg warmers/leggings


The jacket should be ‘waterproof’ and ‘windproof’. The one which we have been using in the past is Pearl Izumi Elite Barrier Jacket. We also pack a lighter spray jacket plus a gillet/vest to come away with. 


Other choices are:

PEARL iZUMi Interval Amfib Cycling Jacket

Attaquer All Day Rain

Gore Stretch

Castelli Perfetto 


What is the average temperature in Hobart in February? 

Min 13C / Max 22C with an average of 4 days of rain 



It is recommended that riders bring 5 sets of cycling clothing. 


Is there gear that I HAVE to wear?

You can cycle in whatever gear you would like, we recommend that you bring cycle clothing that you have ridden in before.



For dinners - there is no dress code. Even at our welcome dinner and farewell dinner there is no specific dress code, jeans, t-shirt and sneakers are more than suitable. There is only so much you can pack.


Bike servicing and washing

All riders, pre tour, should have their bikes FULLY serviced including, bottom bracket wear/tear, rims checked, new tires, inner tubes, brakes and cables. 


We have mechanics on tour. All riders will be able to use our tools for any of your needs. There is NO charge for our mechanical work but if extra parts are needed riders will be charged as necessary.


At The Old Woolstore Hotel they have a bike wash.



We will have riders on standard and compact crank set ups. We do not recommend that riders change the crank set up on their current bikes for this tour. For the rear, we recommend at least a 28. 


What wheels should I bring?

We would HIGHLY recommend that you leave tubular tires at home. 



Riders should have their own insurance which covers all aspects such as medical, flights, bike damage etc. 


Diet - Food on Trip

Travelling away from home is always an adventure. As part of your tour, the hotels will supply you with a daily breakfast and we will supply you with one lunch and three dinners.


If you have eating requirements/needs please let us know when you book in the comments section and we will endeavour to meet your needs.


Sports Nutrition

We will have ride specific bars (most likely Clif bars) and gels (most likely Endura) on the tour.  Everyone has their favourite nutritional companies. Please do not hesitate to bring along what you are happy with and what you trust.


Feel free to contact our Sports Dietitian, Chloe McLeod, who we use to help guide our clients for smarter eating on such events - more information click here



All riders must respect the traffic laws:


  • To cycle on the left hand side of the road, at ALL times
  • To respect all road signs and traffic lights
  • To respect other road users who are not involved in the tour
  • To wear your helmet at all times


I have booked spot on the tour, what next?

You main focus once you have booked with us is training and booking your flights. You will be required to completed some twowheeltours paper work.


Paper work

We require you to sign a waiver from twowheeltours.



We are offering two levels of accomodation to suit peoples needs.  Please see the Accommodation tab for more details. 


Location of Hotels

The two hotels are very close to each other and we will have a set departure point from the Grand Chancellor Hotel Hobart where there will be pumps, sun cream, water etc available before the ride.


Non-riding partners

If your partner would like to come to Hobart to join you, no problem. They can join us for meals and spend a day in the support vehicle if they would like. Please contact us for more details 



Upon booking a deposit is required, all details of payments will be outlined on your invoice.


How do I make the remaining payments?

Via direct deposit, all details of payments will be outlined on your invoice. 


Payment can be made by Square Up - Amex, MasterCard or Visa* - there are transfer fees associated with Credit Card payments. Please contact us so that we can send you an invoice from Square Up.


Further Questions Contact

Will Levy

+61 430 121 776

book now