twowheeltours HR Pyrenees gave me an opportunity to test my endurance boundaries over 5 days. A super support team helped me focus on riding… but there was also time to take in breathtaking views and meet terrific people from around the world. Riding the Pyrenees was pretty special. The climbs offered a great challenge for a Sydneysider like me but five days was enough time to work on a few ideas.
Getting to know the other twowheeltours riders was fantastic. They were all very friendly and interesting people and there were many opportunities over meals etc to get to know them quite well.
The twowheeltours staff were outstanding in their support of the riders. With their expertise and good humour, they made everything look seamless but I can guess there was much work behind the scenes.
I really liked the way Will led everyone… always organised and ready to answer questions. I also like the way he gave support to his team members… Thank you so much for an amazing trip that will live long in the memory! You and the team were amazing and what a great group of riders; in the twowheeltours group as well as the race itself.

James, HR Pyrenees 2023
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