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Do you know what level of cyclist are you?

Do you know how to train specific for your event or goals?

Are you not making any progress or not improving as fast as you would like?

Are you short of time and need to make the most of the time you have?

Do you need others to train with?

Do you know what data you should be monitoring and what it all means?

Do you lack the motivation to train on your own?

The time is now to get yourself a cycling coach

We have some fantastic cycling coaches who we work with who can help you get to that next level

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In no particular order, here are our recommended cycling coaches:

Hot Sauce Coaching
Growing up within the sport, Scott and Jackson knew they wanted to give back and help grow this sport in the future.
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Matt Wells
With a wealth of experience from riding and racing both locally and internationally plus spending the past 5+ years developing and delivering wattbike classes
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James Lamb
James Lamb aka 'Chops' has been cycling and coaching for over 15 years. Those years have been spent in the fitness industry.
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Mind Matters Athlete Coaching
Mind Matters is an athlete coaching service offering the development of completely personalised training programs to suit each individual's lifestyle, goals and personality.
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Matt la Borg
Matt la Borg a Road Cycling Coach that specialises in getting you ready for the next big event
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Two Wheel Tours
Pedalling with passion
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