Testimonials: Some Happy Riders Tales

TWT provides impeccable service and I can’t imagine doing an Haute Route without the professionalism and support of Will Levy and his great staff.


Haute Route Alps 2019 - Repeat Haute Route Pyreenes 2012 and Haute Route Rockies 2017 

TWT provide the most complete and the best standard of service for their clients of any company I've travelled with and make a tough event thoroughly enjoyable.


Haute Route Alps and Pyrenees 2019 - Repeat Haute Route Alps and Pyreenes 2018 

Hi Will, What an amazing trip. Thank you! Everything was such whirl at the end that I don’t think I took the time or emphasised it enough to you - it was brilliant. I couldn’t imagine doing the ride without the assistance you provided. I’m sure it’s possible, but the enjoyment factor and the ease with which you and the staff made the week pass with, made a world of difference. Your help and guidance, your staff, and the calm that you all lent the event was just what I needed. Like many I’m sure, I was a bit apprehensive about even just being able to finish the week. You were ‘there’ whenever I (and others) needed which helped settle things down and find the right rhythm again. ‘Chapeau’ on (being able to) duck up the road, cruise back down through the bunch to assist someone, snap some pics, drive the pace, steady the pace or just have a laugh when needed. From Megève to Nice it was a seamless experience and one I’ll never forget. Thank you. 


Haute Route Alps 2019

Thanks again for a fantastic HR Pyrenees. twowheeltours, Will and his team make the HR a breeze. Nothing to worry about. Just cycle and enjoy. I enjoyed it and the support of your team overall. 


Haute Route Pyrenees 2019 - Repeat Haute Route Alps 2012, Haute Route Pyrenees 2013, Haute Route Dolomites 2014, Haute Route Dolomites 2015 and Haute Route Norway 2018.

This is the third time that we have organised a bike tour to Europe with twowheeltours and we will be doing it again. TWT do a really fantastic job of organising and tailoring cycling tours that more than meet expectations. Nothing is left to chance and when things do go wrong (bad wether, mechanicals, illiness, etc) the situation is quickly resolved. I have absolutley no hesitation in recommending Will Levy and twowheeltours. If you are a keen cyclist these are the guys to use. 


Dolomites Private Tour 2019 - Repeat Rider from Basque & Pyrenees 2017 plus French Alps Private Tour 2015 

My third trip with twowheeltours. All have been outstanding. The organization, the food, the on bike support, staff and safety are key highlights . We are already planning the next one. Another cracking trip.


Dolomites Private Tour 2019 - Repeat Rider from Basque & Pyrenees 2017 plus French Alps Private Tour 2015  

Top notch tours!


Dolomites Private Tour 2019 - Repeat Rider from Basque & Pyrenees 2017 plus French Alps Private Tour 2015  

Excellent trip with great support on and off the road. Would recommend twowheeltours highly.


Dolomites Private Tour 2019 

This has got to be the easiest way to do a cycling tour. All you have to be concerned with is the riding, everything else is taken care of.


Dolomites Private Tour 2019 - Repeat Rider from Basque & Pyrenees Private Tour 2017

Great week...fab organisation...wonderful sense of achievement.


Dolomites Private Tour 2019 - Repeat Rider from Basque & Pyrenees 2017 plus French Alps Private Tour 2015

Thanks twowheeltours. Another well organised trip, nothing left to chance, obviously hours of scouting for venues, ride destinations and hospitality. Food was a treat, accomodation terrific. You even organised the weather. Great work team.


Dolomites Private Tour 2019 - Repeat Rider from Basque & Pyrenees Private Tour 2017

TWT gave me the best birthday I could ask for, a beautiful ride in Sintra, a fabulous lunch at Nonna and Pappa’s, a tin of sardines, it was the best! The event the Ride Across Portugal is the best multi-stage event I’ve done. Authentic, local, rough around the edges, hilariously kicked off by various mayors of towns, the stages were beautifully planned, roads well kept and void of traffic, this event is pure magic. The tour that Will crafts around it shows you the other parts of Portugal making it a holistic tour with history, culinary delights (Portuguese tarts) and stories.


Ride Across Portugal 2019 - Repeat Rider from Haute Route Rockies 2017

Will and his team were super organised and supportive and seemed to have thought of everything. As well as fantastic cycling Will showed us many gems of Portugal including Sintra, Obidos and great restaurants. Our daily post ride massages were a god-send!


Ride Across Portugal 2019

The most positive and clearly laid out trip you could wish for, and you can ride however you want with complete support.


BVN Tour de Clarke March 2019 - Sydney to Canberra over three days

Doing a trip with twowheeltours is a real delight. From start to finish you always feel as if you're in safe hands. Their level of organization, attention to detail and general professionalism is fantastic. It made our trip a most memorable.


BVN Tour de Clarke March 2019 - Sydney to Canberra over three days

Flawless organisation of our 3 day ride. Everything was thought of, from the routes, the stops, the food to the guides looking after us. All we had to do was show up and ride.


BVN Tour de Clarke March 2019 - Sydney to Canberra over three days

twowheeltours were fabulous from start to finish - the event was seamless and they were consummate professionals, catering for all levels of ability. I would recommend them to anybody thinking of organising any cycling tour.


BVN Tour de Clarke March 2019 - Sydney to Canberra over three days

Thanks for a really well organised ride supported by staff with a great attitude.


BVN Tour de Clarke March 2019 - Sydney to Canberra over three days

It was one of the most smoothly run events I have been involved in, to the riders it all seemed effortlessly smooth. All we had to do was get on the bike and turn the pedals. When I close my eyes, I see a line of 30 red jerseys snaking along beachside bikepaths... just one of many powerful memories which will stay with me for a long long time.


BVN Tour de Clarke March 2019 - Sydney to Canberra over three days

twowheelstours exceeded all my expectations. Great Service, great organization and great people.


BVN Tour de Clarke March 2019 - Sydney to Canberra over three days

Great organisation and communication of what was happening on each day. Very smooth and worry free.


BVN Tour de Clarke March 2019 - Sydney to Canberra over three days

This trip was an experience of a lifetime. TWT did a fantastic job of balancing riding and sightseeing, finding local restaurants/great meals and top notch accomodations. This trip just came together perfectly.


Haute Route Oman 2019 - Repeat Haute Route Alps 2014, Haute Route Dolomites 2016, Haute Route Rockies 2017 and Haute Route Pyrenees 2018

One of the things that brings me back to TWT is the new friends I make thru WIll and the staff's many personal relationships with cyclists like myself from around the world. There is always plenty of adventure and quality conversation in the mix.


Haute Route Oman 2019 - Repeat Haute Route Alps 2015, Haute Route Triple Crown 2017 and Haute Route Norway 2018

Outstanding tour and event with spectacular scenery, friendly locals, top class accommodation, great eating, great company, interesting off-bike activities and staff for whom nothing was too much trouble - could not ask for a better experience.


Haute Route Oman 2019

A benefit of a going with a tour group when doing the HR is that everything is taken care of. There isn't any need to stress about where your hotel is relative to the start and finish or worrying about problems with your bike. Will and the TWT team did a fantastic job of arranging transport, accomodation and food as well as putting together an interesting itinerary that showed the beauity and culture of Oman.


Haute Route Oman 2019

Will does a amazing job getting you onto the best trails so you can have a hell of a time without worrying about a thing!

Q : Highlight of the trip?

A : Sharing the pumped feeling with mates at the end of the epic decent Split Enz.


Manly Cycles Rotorua MTB Tour November 2018

This was my second MTB tour in Rotorua with Will at twowheeltours. I was impressed with every aspect of the tours. Really enjoyed the accommodation, meals & the company of the other riders as I joined the tour as a single. The Whakarewarewa forest is a evolving MTB location, changing all the time & Will was really on top of it all and his guidance was 1st class. I’d highly recommend twowheeltours to anyone who is interested in visiting a world class MTB destination like Rotorua.

Q : Highlight of the trip

A : Well organised riding days & Wills guiding. The most professional and well rounded adventure sports guide I’ve ever come across.


Manly Cycles Rotorua MTB Tour November 2018

Stop “thinking about taking this trip and actually do it!”
You will have a cracking time full of smiles.

Q : Could we have made this trip any better?

A : There was nothing missing for me. The set up was better than I expected, all the little things that we had access to in the Ride Room were great, the energy snacks etc so good.


Manly Cycles Rotorua MTB Tour November 2018

Going on the tour was a great holiday experience! All you need to worry about is riding and having fun because Will organises everything else - from where to ride each day to snacks, dinner, and even washing!

It really was a highlight of my life so far going on the trip! 


Women's Only Rotorua MTB Tour November 2018

TWT provides excellent support at an event as the Haute Route, so you only have to focus on the stages, a live like a pro experience.


Haute Route Alps 2018

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